Jerry Yan

Full Name

Yan Cheng Xu, Jerry
Birth Date Saturday, January 01, 1977
Zodiac Signs Capricorn
Hobbies Dancing & basketball, All types of ball games

What does gorgeous Jerry Yan love?
Posted: 11:51 PM (Manila Time) | Sept. 25, 2003
By Beia Formoso
Inquirer News Service

HOW often does a haircut make headlines? Well, when it's Jerry Yan aka Dao Ming Si of the phenomenal hit chinovela "Meteor Garden," who gets one, it's breaking news!

Jerry Yan fans (and press) from all over the world were anticipating the new haircut he got for his upcoming movie, "Magic Kitchen," which he co-stars with big Hong Kong names Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng. In Hong Kong, excited fans gathered at the salon where hair couturier Benny (recognize this name from the "Meteor Garden" credits?) worked on Yan's new 'do, only to be dismayed when their idol came out with his head covered by a hat.

So how will Filipinos get to see Dao Ming Si's new look? Why, through Bench, of course!

Marketing genius Ben Chan has just added Yan to the stellar roster of Bench image celebrity models, which until recently consisted mainly of local personalities such as Richard Gomez, Lucy Torres-Gomez, Jomari Yllana, Assunta de Rossi, Diether Ocampo, and Aubrey Miles, to name a few.

THE COLOR PINK. Jerry is one of those guys who can pull off wearing pink; cotton-lycra tee and long-sleeved, striped cotton shirt and khaki jeans, all from Bench

Yan is one-fourth of the Taiwanese pop boy band F4, which stars in the drama series Meteor Garden. The 26-year-old actor/singer/model's show-business career took off in 2001 when he bagged the role of the series' main character Dao Ming Si, the super rich boy who falls head over heels for poor girl Shan Tsai.

The F4 and "Meteor Garden" are incredibly popular not only in the Philippines and their native Taiwan but also in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, as well as Canada and the US. In signing up Yan, who is without a doubt the favorite member of the group, Bench has crossed borders and cultures, once again proving to be the premier Philippine brand in the world.

The Jerry Yan "Love ko ang Bench" photo shoot took place in Hong Kong on Sept. 12. Just two days before, hundreds of fans packed the HK airport to catch a glimpse of the young actor upon his arrival. The crowd was so out of control that he was pushed to the floor as a result of a stampede that broke out. Fans also camped out in front of his hotel, the Ritz Carlton.

FAMILY PORTRAIT Bench big boss Ben Chan and image models Richard Gomez and wife Lucy Torres welcome Jerry Yan to the Bench family.

Yan's following in the Chinese community is so huge that the shoot had to be relocated from his hotel room to a movie studio outside the city, in case fans became disruptive.

Bench sought the talent of young in-demand Japanese photographer Chuando, who just the day before worked with another F4 member, Vic Zhou, for a Taiwanese magazine spread. While most photographers complain about the difficulty in directing actors for ad campaigns, Chuando was all praises for Yan.

Prior to his role in "Meteor Garden," Yan had a modeling stint, which explains his ease in front of the camera. "He pretty much got the flow, the attitude. It does help that he was a model before... the way he talks to you, he understands, you can tell that he is more mature and he knows what he wants. He will give you some suggestions, which is very different from Vic," says Chuando.

HAIR FIX. Thatís the ever-loyal Benny making sure every strand of hair is where it should be on heartthrob Jerry.

Yan is known for his professionalism when it comes to work, hence the scheduled 10-hour shoot took only eight hours, with few breaks between takes. The environment was very controlled, anything not related to the photo shoot was discouraged, including interviews and candid picture-taking, unlike ad productions here in the Philippines. Yan was constantly protected by his management staff who surrounded him even while walking from the dressing room to the set, which were only 12 feet apart.

Yet despite the serious atmosphere, Yan was able to sneak a few waves and smiles our way, flashing his killer dimple on the left cheek. He played with Richard and Lucy Gomez's little girl Juliana, the youngest Bench model, as he is said to be fond of kids. He even spoke a bit of English, saying, "She looks very sad," when Juliana would pout and cling to her daddy.

For official F4 makeup artist Patty Chou, Yan is her favorite F4 member because "He's very handsome. He's very kind and sweet. He's very serious when he's working but sometimes he's cute."

So cute, in fact, that Filipinos just can't get enough of him-all the more if he's clad in tight Bench inner-wear shirts and denims! Catch Jerry Yan on Bench ads very soon.

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